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Le Marche. A History of Italy’s Hidden Gem


Le Marche. Una storia del gioiello nascosto dell'Italia
di Hans Vogel
This recently published book (May 2016) is a must for the enthusiastic and inquisitive visitor of Le Marche.



This historical overview, written in an accessible style, shows you Le Marche from a different perspective. The unique landscapes, the cities and villages filled with art-treasures come to life in this book.

It is especially written for the curious and eager tourist, but also for the residents of Le Marche, and presents the history of Le Marche within the scope of Italian history.

The book also contains overviews of monuments and points of interest (by period). It will bring the past to life while you are exploring the region.

The author, Hans Vogel, resident of Le Marche, is a historian ( PhD, University of Florida) formerly of Leyden University (Netherlands) an currently a professor of History at ESEADE in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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